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1965 FORD

1965 Ford
The full sized 1965 Fords were redesigned to feature a cleaner look. Gone was the sculpted sides, new were the vertically stacked dual headlights. The grille followed the contour of the hood and the taillights were no longer round.

Fairlanes for 1965 took on a more massive look. The first total restyling since being introduced in 1962, the new Fairlanes featured a wide horizontal grill nested between horizontal quad headlights. The rear fenders kicked up slightly behind the front doors and this gave the car the heavier look. Side sculpting featured a line dropped down about half the height of the front fender, then swept back to the front of the rear well where it continued horizontally to the rear of the car.

A new grille and side trim was the primary changes to the 1965 Falcon. The grille now featured a horizontal bars with a vertical rib in the center.

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